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Commercial real estate is perceived as a male-dominated field, yet women possess many skills that make them well suited to the profession. Furthermore, these are desirable traits to find in a leader that can move the industry forward. Below, we are going to dive into some of the reasons why women should be the leaders in real estate change.



Good leaders grasp the complexities of human relationships. Many women are innately driven to work collaboratively. Collaboration is one of the top qualities to look for in a leader, and it is with good reason. Teamwork helps to foster an inclusive culture that can motivate employees to influence change. Real-world problems are seldom linear, and this applies to real estate too. In the world of real estate, there are many components and people responsible, so success does not come simply through a singular vision.  


Relationships lie at the heart of a good corporate culture, but unfortunately, progress tends to come at the expense of these in fast-paced environments like those of startups. The key here is to recognize your employees as individuals. Active listening and empathy are generally regarded as being “feminine” qualities, yet these soft skills prove to be highly valuable in the workplace. The simple recognition for their contributions can motivate even the humblest employee to become a dynamic team member.


Leaders need to bring leadership to the table, but the leadership should be intentional and driven by endurance and force of character. Endurance is necessary to help persist through challenges, and we ought to give credit to the unspoken endurance of women every day as they continue to face gender inequality in many areas of their lives. For some women, discomfort can be treated as a litmus test for opportunities for growth.


Collaboration, the ability to navigate the complexity of human relationships, and vision are strengths that many women possess, though they may not have thought of harnessing that power to leverage themselves as leaders in commercial real estate. These qualities combined make for an innovative leader who can propel the industry towards positive change. While women have great potential for leadership in real estate, it is important to give them the space to lead. This means respecting their agency and allowing them to take risks, all the while helping them to embrace their strengths.