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Virtual reality is a new computer-generated technology that simulates seemingly real three-dimensional images and events. This up and coming technology is shaping industries, such as real estate. Virtual reality has the power to profoundly influence the real estate industry in many ways, including offering permanent open houses, giving a better feel for the listing and increasing sales efficiency.


Permanent Open House

Open houses are a great way to show a listing, but they do involve a lot of work and preparation. Virtual reality tours allows real estate agents to digitize an open house, keeping listed properties “open” and on display around the clock. This also allows potential buyers to few the listing on their own time, at their own pace and can give them a sense of a personal connection.


Get a Better Feel

Virtual reality will also allow buyers to visit a property and get a better feel for the listing. Real estate agents will often hear the phrase “it doesn’t look like the pictures,” and virtual reality is a great way to make the visuals truly representative of the property. Buyers “get an opportunity to go into the space and really get a sense of what it looks like,” Stephen McArdle, a licensed associate, and luxury real estate broker, said. “They get a sense of the ceiling heights, the views. They are able to walk through the units as they really are.”


Increase Sales Efficiency

Real estate agents have to travel frequently to show potential buyers listings. This requires agents to manage their time efficiently, and deal with traffic among other elements they cannot control. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time, often is a waste because buyers do not purchase every listing they see, and delays the purchase of a listing because both the agent and potential buyer have to find a mutual time for the showing. Virtual reality can immediately solve these issues because buyers can virtually visit a lot more listings in less time. This is also great for those who want to purchase a property that is located far away.


Virtual reality is a great new technology that creates real three-dimensional images and can benefit industries such as real estate. This technology brings listings to life and offers potential buyers an easy way to see a property. Virtual reality can feel like a time-consuming and expensive real estate tool, but the long-term benefits are enormous. Real estate agents can incorporate virtual tours into a range of materials, including marketing emails and open-house notifications.