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Selling your home can be a stressful process, especially when you aren’t terribly experienced in homeowning. Because of this, I’d like to offer my years of experience in the real estate industry as insight. This blog will highlight a few techniques and tactics that you can use to help make your home a bit more marketable to a wider audience.

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s an old and overused adage, and with good reason. Most prospective buyers won’t even step foot in a home if they haven’t seen it beforehand. That’s precisely why photos are so important. They will sell your home faster than any quick-talking real estate agent can. Because pictures are essential, you should seriously consider hiring a professional photographer to get the perfect shots. They can get you high-quality images that are sure to attract plenty of buyers.

To be perfectly honest, today’s smartphone cameras are also quite impressive, so if you’re feeling up to the task, you can snap a few shots yourself. Just make sure they don’t come out blurry or grainy, because that can cheapen the look of your home.

Use Social Media
Today’s technology has opened up so many doors for the real estate industry (no pun intended). With social media, you can share your home and gauge interest quicker than ever before. The days of the newspaper classified listings are almost over (although, don’t completely count them out yet). Today’s real estate agencies utilize the tech of the day, and social media is huge. You can share photos of your home on Facebook or Instagram, and even if your direct friends aren’t looking for a new place, they might know someone who is. Real estate agents also use social media to their advantage by networking with other agents, prospective buyers and sharing listings. They can also use the tech to host virtual open houses through Facebook Live or stories on Instagram so that they can accommodate people’s schedules a bit more.

These are only two ways to make your house more appealing to buyers. There are dozens of other ways to improve the marketability of your home. Don’t sell yourself (or your home) short! Take advantage of these techniques and sell, sell, sell!