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Have you enlisted your property with the right property agent? Perhaps this is the most important question to ask yourself even as you seek to get your property sold in the busy and volatile real estate market. According to a report, chances are that you selected the first agent that you contacted, but failed to exercise the due diligence of selecting a good real estate agent. Well, there are certain telltale signs that you have settled for a suitable agent that will serve you just right.


If your real estate agent communicates with you more often and in a candid manner, then he is suited for the job. You may have to assess the agent’s communication skills during the interviewing process by evaluating how keen on details he or she is. A good agent should be competent in verbal and written communication and should have a good mastery of the real estate jargon. Such tips and competencies in communication ensure that the agent can easily get you a good market for your property.


Even as the real estate industry is dotted with a few malicious real estate agents, a good agent to serve you well should be honest. Honesty should be upheld in the way the agent communicates with you. Every piece of information from the agent should be accurate and not necessarily favorable for you. An agent who deliberately gives you some sugar-coated information will most likely raise your expectations and fail you later.


Much as the agent should be polite, he or she should be aggressive as far as marketing is concerned. The agent should be outgoing, social, and good at multitasking. To add on to the agent’s aggressiveness, it is important that he or she has a strong social media presence from where real estate leads can be generated. Such aggressiveness guarantees that your property will be sold on time.