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Society has moved into a technology era and as reluctant as the real estate sector has been to embrace this technology, it is a necessary evil. Once realtors understand the benefits of technology in their field, they can make the best use of it.

Competitive Edge

Real estate agents who cling to the traditional template of real estate marketing could lose momentum as the digital transformation erodes their competitive edge. By embracing the technology that is now available, realtors will have an edge over their competition. Technology is here to stay, and the sooner agents and lenders begin to embrace that, the better. Customers appreciate an agent who is technologically savvy and willing to use technology.

Potential for more business

A recent survey of 3,350 homebuyers shows that 30 percent of Gen-Xers, 41 percent of Millennials and 12 percent of Baby Boomers made offers on homes sight unseen. Realtors and lenders may be discouraged by this, but in reality, it is making their job easier. If a customer is willing to buy a house without seeing it, the realtors’ job has just become way easier. Of course, the realtor needs to assist the buyers through the process, but one thing they won’t have to do is physically show them a house. This allows extra time to allocate towards their client’s other needs.
Computers Can Make Accurate Real Estate Predictions

When a realtor is using accurate and up to date data, he or she can make an accurate prediction regarding the wants and needs of both buyers and sellers. Perhaps the data shows that in your area, many people are interested in tiny houses. This serves to guide you towards that market. On the other hand, the data may indicate that fewer and fewer people are looking at homes in a particular neighborhood. This is also very helpful when it comes to your marketing tactics.

The real estate world has always been one founded in relationships. With the advent of so many technological advances in real estate, some worry that there will be no need for this personal relationship anymore. That is far from the truth. Real estate agents should embrace technology and use it to their advantage. It gives them a competitive edge, the potential for more business and the ability to make accurate predictions.