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I’ve been in the real estate industry for several years now. Much like any other industry, it is vastly complex and ever-changing, and that is part of the reason why I enjoy it so much. And, while I personally work in the real estate development sector, I still understand and appreciate the importance of a real estate agent. They are a crucial aspect in the selling of a property, be it commercial or residential. People of all varieties rely on dependable and trustworthy real estate agents, and so I thought that I would highlight a few must-have qualities to look for in one.



One of the most important things to look for in a real estate agent is their communication skills. And by this, I do not solely mean that they must be friendly, funny or outgoing. A high-quality real estate agent is frequently communicative. He or she will reach out to you on a very regular basis. You should never question whether or not you will hear from your agent. Real estate is a time-sensitive industry, and nothing will get done if there is a lack of communication. Whether the news they have for you is good or bad, it should be consistent.



You will also want a real estate agent who is highly organized and on top of things. An agent who is on-time and attentive to all details is more than likely going to get your property sold.



When scouting for agents, look for someone who is incredibly familiar with the area. In order to effectively sell a private or commercial property, an agent must know his or her surroundings. They must know the neighborhood, its residents and the market like the back of their hand.


Honesty and Integrity

This is a quality that may be hard to fully discern, but it is essential. A real estate agent that is honest and trustworthy is likely going to make the process of selling or buying incredibly smooth. Again, the real estate agent must be brutally honest, even if the news they have to share is not in your favor. The last thing anyone wants is an untrustworthy real estate agent.