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Since its creation in late 1998, Google has taken the world by storm with its seemingly endless library of knowledge and services. The website has become so popular that it is officially a verb that has forced itself into the everyday collective lexicon of human language. It has changed our society in almost all aspects for the better.

One area in society that Google has had a profound impact is business. Many of us have used Google to find a local business. Let’s say it’s late at night and you need to make a quick run to your nearest Target, but you aren’t sure what time your local Target closes. All you have to do is search on Google, and you can find the core information you need, like the store’s operating hours. This information is displayed in the Google My Business section.

In short, the Google My Business section is designed to offer as much information as possible for users. Google My Business offers location, hours of operation, phone numbers, websites and even brief histories, key people and related searches. It’s a very useful tool. But what does it mean for the real estate agent? Everything.

Google is heavily focused on providing information that is unique and relevant to each individual user. And Google understands that purchasing a home is one of the most personal and important experiences any person can undertake, which is why finding a good agent is so crucial. And so, real estate agents can treat themselves as individual businesses and offer their professional information (phone number, hours of operation, website links, etc.) for users to find. One of the most important pieces of data that Google My Business provides is user reviews.

These reviews are increasingly important, as users rely on this information to make informed decisions. Real estate agents will rely on Google My Business in order to find new business.

It’s amazing that technology has helped us out so much. Google in particular has given the general public instant access to a wide breadth of knowledge. And businesses, and real estate agents, should capitalize on that as soon as possible. Pretty soon billboards on benches and flyers will no longer be the go-to marketing tool for real estate agents.