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People are more mobile than ever before, so it is not surprising that homeowners routinely decide to list their existing homes for sale. This decision may result from a career move, an increase in family size, or downsizing due to retirement. Whatever the reason, the seller will want a prompt sale at the most attractive price.


While it is not wise to invest in expensive renovations to attract prospective buyers, there are a few relatively inexpensive projects that can improve the value and appearance of a property. Consulting a realtor familiar with the neighborhood can help a homeowner identify areas of the home that are most in need of updating. It may also be helpful to tour any homes in the neighborhood that are for sale. The most important thing for a seller to consider is which renovations will make a positive difference with the least expense.


Prospective home buyers tend to pay lots of attention to kitchens and bathrooms, so these are the rooms where updates can increase the equity of the home. Since the kitchen has often been referred to as the heart of the home, it may be wise to spend the most renovation dollars there.


A complete kitchen update can be very costly, but there are less expensive improvements that are effective. A fresh coat of paint, new cabinet hardware, modern lighting fixtures, and faucets can make a positive change. If the appliances are outdated, it may be worthwhile to replace them without making high-end choices.


Attention should also be paid to bathrooms with cabinets, tubs, and showers that appear worn and outdated. Even a small bath updated bathroom is a plus if it is attached to the master bedroom. Bathrooms are small rooms, so it’s less expensive to modernize them. New cabinets, tile, and flooring offer a nice update at a reasonable cost.


Whatever updates are done, the seller should make sure the home is kept neat and clean. Clutter and messy counters in the kitchen or bath can cause a prospective buyer to lose interest.


First impressions are important, so sellers should pay attention to how attractive their sale home looks from the street. It is not necessary to do extensive landscaping, but simply adding some colorful flowers or shrubs can help attract attention to the home.