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It’s 2019, and the crowdfunding community has absolutely taken off. Entrepreneurs, artists and any number of professionals can make their dreams come true simply by putting themselves out there and asking for investors. GoFundMe and Kickstarter are two of the most well-known and successful crowdfunding platforms out there. And these crowdfunding sites are not limited to small ideas or products; almost anything can be crowdfunded, including real estate.

There has been a recent rise in real estate crowdfunding, and if you’re looking to invest in real estate yourself, you might want to take a look at some of these platforms.


If you’re an accredited investor, look no further than Crowdstreet to give you the tools you need to make varied investments in alternative assets; more specifically, Crowdstreet allows you to invest in debt and equity real estate. The downside to the platform is that it is incredibly difficult to actually pass the review process for real estate dates. If you are one of the lucky 2% that passes the review process, then Crowdstreet will allow you the ability to invest in direct deals or blended portfolios. What’s more, the Crowdstreet Blended Portfolio allows for investors to diversify their assets by investing in multiple commercial real estate deals.

Small Change

What about those of us who aren’t accredited investors? What about those of us who are smaller investors? Well, Small Change has the answer for you. The platform allows small-scale investors to choose individual projects, assess the minimum investment and, well, invest. Projects vary in location and type, from residential to commercial, but they are all ultimately small in scale.


Similar to Small Change, Groundfloor is a real estate investment crowdfunding platform geared towards small-scale investors. The founders of Groundfloor understand that not everyone looking to get into real estate is a wealthy, accredited investor. With a $10 minimum investment, Groundfloor’s opportunities provide the potential to earn 10% annually. Groundfloor is a great way to get your start in real estate investing.

If you’re in the real estate market, or looking to break into it, you might want to consider one of these platforms. They could be the key piece you need to reach real estate success.