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Individuals looking to invest in 2020 could greatly benefit from the Q3 2019 Asset Allocation Report highlighting the financial decisions of those in the TIGER 21 membership organization–a group of individuals that have a minimum net worth of $10 million. This report takes into account their asset allocations from each member’s portfolio, which includes over 750 across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Despite today’s state of affairs having warranted an increased amount of uncertainty, investors are not making rash decisions. Cash has maintained a steady stream with an allocation of 12%, which is relatively high considering the past decade; it’s something that hasn’t been seen since 2013’s first quarter. In recent years, however, more and more individuals have begun to allocate their cash for the sake of personal expenses and to avoid liquidation of their primary holdings in the event of a decline.

The real estate industry, specifically, has seen perhaps the largest increase towards the end of 2019, going from a marginal increase of 28% to 29% with the previous three quarters seeing a decrease. Montreal, Canada, is one location where members of TIGER 21 are capitalizing on residential, commercial, and even industrial real estate opportunities. Montreal has a much lower average in terms of property costs compared to its sister cities of Vancouver and Toronto. Real estate as a whole has seen its allocation even as high as 33% (back in 2016), so it is a consistently strong holding that members are not likely to abandon any time soon.

Private equity is another sector that has seen fluctuation, though in the opposite direction. Dropping by just one percentage point since last quarter, this industry now sits at an allocation of 23%, which is its lowest since early 2018. However, investing directly in businesses is something that has grown twofold over the past decades, so it is still maintaining historically high levels as of recent years. Investors look for business opportunities in which they can contribute in hands-on approaches and improve corporate functionality through their own strategies. Therefore, it is only expected to increase, if not continue to fluctuate around these high levels for years to come.

Members of TIGER 21 are standing firm with industries that they are familiar with and those that they have already found success in, the biggest of those being real estate, cash holdings, and private equity. For investors in the beginning stages of their financial careers, it would be wise to follow in the footsteps of these proven investing gurus to hit the ground running.